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Graphics 7
Gameplay 7.5
Atmosphere 8
Price 7.5
Innovation 6


7.2 tech score Overall from my early experiences Resident Evil 7 may well be the saving grace of the franchise, which it well and truly needed after Resident Evil 6 and the buggy mess that was Operation Racoon City. The graphics are nice, with good utilization of HDR, the gameplay is what you would expect from a survival horror yet doesn't have you dashing in and out of locker every few minutes so that's a bonus. I have given the Pricing a 7.5 as for £40 it seems like a very solid game, and it has multiple ending with different unlockables meaning it does have some replayability, however I have heard the game is pretty shockingly short, so I may have to revise this score at a later date. In terms of the innovation, I would like to give it a higher score as it is basically completly changing the biggest horror game franchise in a single game, however I feel with some similaritiies to P.T as well as the survival horror genre being quite played out of the past year it's hard to call this game innovative outside of Capcom's formula.

It has been two days since the release of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard (or Biohazard 7 Resident Evil depending on your origins) and it’s fair to say it is getting a lot of good press, but is that justified?

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard (2017)

Like most Resident Evil fans I was quite sceptic when they announced that the latest instalment would be a first person survival horror game, feeling that it would be a poorly made game rushed to cash in on P.Ts cancellation and Outlasts success, and on top of that I was actually hoping they would take the ideas from Resident Evil 6 (i.e big open spaces with large hordes) but make it into a game that is worth playing, similarly to games like Dying light or Days Gone but with the Resident Evil touch to it. However what we got was almost the exact opposite. Rather than big open fields swarming with undead we get what is a map probably smaller than Resident Evil 3’s. So does this mean I was disappointed by the game? Absolutely not.

Resident Evil 7 has the tagline “Horror come home”, which although very cliché, it couldn’t be more true. Resident Evil 7 somehow manages to put all of its differences aside and still stand up as a great Resident Evil game. There is a good amount of puzzles, the way it creates an atmosphere is beautiful and the most important thing, it genuinely is a scary game, which I feel has been missing from Resident Evil since Resident Evil 4 (yes Dr. Salvador was pretty spooky, but being chased by a giant mech dwarf statue as a quick-time event really isn’t).

Resident Evil 7 brings back the much-loved shadow puzzles from previous installments.

Having played the game on a 4K HDR enabled TV I would say I have experienced all the game has to offer in terms of visuals, and I have to say at some points it’s a bit hit and miss with lazily textured objects, however for the most part the game looks quite stunning and that just adds to the atmospheric feel of the game, and this is extremely important. To say I haven’t felt an atmospheric horror like this since the first Resident Evil would be a lie, because honestly Resident Evil 7 does it better, at some points it genuinely feels more like Silent Hill 2 than a Resident Evil game (although I love Resident Evil, this is probably the biggest compliment I can give a horror game).

As I don’t want to give away anything in terms of early spoilers, I will wrap up by mention two things I found really poor when playing this game. The first reason is that there is no leaning. Maybe you might see it as a bit of a trope or rather useless function, but it’s almost vital for this type of game, and to say I was gob-smacked upon realising it lacked this control is not much of an over-statement. Another, slightly less key function that the game is missing is the ability to zoom. With this sort of atmospheric game, in which there are actually a lot of small details (i.e hair on the floor, maggots on food) you need to be able to zoom, and P.T proved that it works amazingly in this type of game, so my guess as to why they didn’t include it is that it was either simply a very dumb oversight or they were trying to differentiate themselves from P.T.

In conclusion, if you are Resident Evil fan: Buy this game. If you are a horror game fan but don’t like Resident Evil games: Buy this game. I think a lot of modern horror games are very love/hate, but Resident Evil 7 is a must for practically any type of gamer.

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